I'm On Fire! [Hwaiting!]

A very good morning! ahaha :D look at Chihoon. seem like he was shouting HWAITING! ahaha :D thanks Chihoon. i really need that. ekeke.. Oh yes! 2 : 13 am. still freshly awake [only starting to have neckaches] hahaha. but that won't stop me from doing my homework. YEZZA! homework is my main reason why i am still awake at this hour. hahaha. and my subreason is i'm drinking to much caffein. hahaha :D serve me right. ekeke XD. ahh! right now i'm lacking of ideas on doing essays. i just manage to finish one and there still 6 more to write. T^T hwaiting! hwaiting!  i don't know why i suddenly have the feeling of doing and finishing my homework. maybe it because i only have 3 more days to go [not including today] and honestly, i still got tons of homework waiting for me. so, i've make plans on not going to sleep for 2 days in a row. ehehe. celebrating Hari Raya bahh~ ahaha XD ahh yess! today is Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims around the world. ^^. me? i'm not celebrating this special days because i'm not muslims. ehehe. 

  I've a lot of homework but why am i writing my blog? hahaha. i don't myself. maybe because i'm starting to feel bored for not having any ideas. hmmm...can be. truthfully, i admit i am bored right now and i can't even think of any good sentences to start my essays. ehh! tension! just kidding. i'm not feeling neither tension nor stress at all right now. i'm feeling neutral. hahaha :D well, i think i'm going to put aside my essays homework first and start on doing my biology peka. and if i can't finish it up, then i'm going to do the other homework lorh. ehehe. i am very confident that i can finish half of my homework before school started. so, what i can do to make it happen is very simple. i just need to concentrate, no online, put determination, fire up and stop messing around! ahaha. as simple as pimples. hahaha XD i made that up.

So, i guess this is goodbye. its 2 :27 am. and i really do need to continue on my homework. hahaha. wish me luck!

Hwaiting! hwaiting! hwaiting!

- hahaha. actually i'm just wanna show my new front hair cut. LOL XD i just got it today ^^-