I'm Having Hikaru Hitachiin Fever!! XDDD

Annyeong! or should i say Konnichiwa~ ahaha XD because right now i'm having Hikaru fever! GAhhh~ so in love with him! yeah, yesterday i've been surveying the anime on Youtube and then i found out about Ouran High School Host Club. i watch the anime lorh. then i become addicted to the anime and its was hard for me to stop watching it. i finish watching the anime on 11++ p.m *start from morning* hahaha XDD amazing eh? what make me become addicted to the anime is of course the Hitachiin Twins! one of them are my Hikaru! yeah, he had a twins. but still he the one who caught my heart. LOL XD they may look identical but for me, Hikaru is number one. hahahaha XD
  In the Anime, Hikaru is in love with the heroin but of course the heroin likes the hero la. so he was so broken hearted *me too* his brother, Kaoru supported him and comfort him then he okay again. if i was the heroin kan, i would choose hikaru than the hero. huahaha XD the heroin was soo blind didn't see the one who loves her most is always there in front of her! Ahh~ but that's how the story goes. hmm.. Oh yeah! there is one of the hitachiin twins part that i really love. which they always asked everyone to guess "which one is hikaru-kun?" hahaha and everyone just look blurred as they were look very identical hahahaha XD the only person who can figure them out is Haruhi(heroin)

  And yeah, i don't think that i'm normal because i'm in loves with anime which i know that the character is  someone imagination.(man-made) hahahaha XDD obviously, i'm not normal. i like being abnormal but i'm wondering,"when i'm being so abnormal like this, can everyone except me for i am?" hmmm.... Oh well, i'll think about that later. hahaha XD so, i've found my hikaru's biodata and i found that we have a very good chemistry bonds there LOL XDD 

so here is his short biodata... ENJOy!

can you spot our common there? LOL XDD i can!

so, i let his cute face end this post today :D
be seing you guys next time ^^