-Craving For SHOPPING-

Annyeong~ long time no see.. ahaha XD i think i've been using "long time no see" for many times ody, ryte? yepp :D i know. i noticed that too. huahaha XD. well, this time, AGAIN, i use my dearest Teukkie's photo for start-up. hehehe.. look at him? isn't he adorable? the child is so lucky to be on his lap. LOL :D. me? jealous? N to the O! ahaha :D why should i? he's mine okay? ahaha. well, not official but he's mine *in my dreamland* ahahaha :DD
     Oh well, lets straight to the main topic. ermm.. what was my topic again? i forget. ahahaha. ahya! craving. i'm craving for shopping! i want to buy new clothes, i want to buy new shoes! i want to buy new accessories... i want to buy new bags! gahh! i think i really need to go shopping! but mum won't allowed me to go as i got a tons of homework T^T and this is one of the reason why i hate homework! I MISS SHOPPINGMALL! i really-really want to go and spend some money. its been a while i didn't go shopping~

Because i can't go outside and shop, i'm now really obsessed with searching website to do online shopping. ahahaha XD yeah! i've found few cute clothes, accessories and even CAMERA~ i really want them all. GAh! last time, i check on LUMIX website and there i saw this one particular camera really caught my heart. gosh! damn beautiful,  gorgeous! and i'm in love with it~ DMC-LX3 is the name given.
here's the photo of it :D


isn't he adorable?! ahh~ i'm in love. i hope miri got sale DMC-LX3 so that i can fulfill my dream. hehehe. actually he's not my only choice though. still there is one more and this one is double cute than he does. teehee :D and his name is Fuji Instax Mini 7. take a peek on him here :D


i told you he is adorable. ahaha :D DMC or Fuji, no matter which one i could get, i will be very satisfy. i really think i need to study as hard as i could if i want to get them in my hand. teehee <3

All right. enough about camera. so, as i told you earlier. i've found few cute clothes and bags. hahaha. true! they cute! i've bought one and its surely does cute. teehee <3 so, here is two out of many clothes that i really want to have~ :DD hahaha


Nice kan? hehehe. really wish i can have those. ahh! so many stuff i want to buy. aiyerr~ now i am really-really crave to go shopping! 

enoughla for this post. teehee <3 i'm scared i'll lose control. ekekeke XD 

see you on next post :D

so, for this time,

i let my lovely hyungseok end my post.


p/s : let your smile cover up your sadness. 

p/s2 : hyungseok is surely cuter than his brother hyungjun. LOL XD