The Day I Do Nothing But Sleeping :D

Annyeong~ ahaha XD today i'm going to start my post with my hunnie, TaeJun ^^. the photo, look familiar eh? ahahaha XD yepp :D i have the same photo like him which i also use headphone like he does. hahahaha. that would make us a cute couple. LOL XD.  he's cute, pretty, good looking or should i say, he's perfect in every way. Words can never describes how good he is. hmmm.. 
         i did went to school today and school was sooo silence back then. everyone busy with their PMR holidays. i really wish i can skip today classes you know but what can i do, my dad is here and you know, DAD~ they are strict but honestly, i think my mum is way more strict than my dad. hahahahaha.... ahh yeah..when i arrived home, after i finish my lunch, i was thought of going to have a little nap. i asked my cousin phoebe to wake me up at 1430. she did wakes me up but i just ignored her. LOL XDD then, i woke up at 1755 if i'm mistaken ^^ I was so shocked because actually today i decided to finish up my moral assignment and send it tomorrow but now, maybe i'll send it the day after tomorrow. HOPEFULLY i can. ahahaha. i'm afraid that my pregnant moral teacher is going go gives me another 5 dimerits. GAH! going to be expell if i keep collecting dimerits. T^T.

   Last night, before going to bed, i've been searching cosplay photo for Ouran High School Host Club and i found the cosplayed was soo AWESOME! you can see them look just like the anime version. except that most of the cosplayer are girls and i bet most Otaku's are girls. hahahaha XD.. so, you can see the best Ouran HS host club cosplay below :D enjoy~ 

from left : Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki, Haruhi, Renge, Honey(this one is my favourite. very kawaii!!), Mori and Kyouya
Haruhi Fujioka and Kyouya Ootori ^^ this photo does surely resembles the Anime ^^

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiinn~ my most favourite character in the anime! wohhooo~~~

very resembles Kyouya Senpai ne? ehehehe XDD

Tamaki and Kyouya! too bad i can't find any of Tamaki's cosplayer. ehehe XD i found some but not good enough. ehehe (sorry!)

so i guess, thats all for today ^^. just want to show you guys my new favourite anime. teehee <3 
i'll ends my post with another photo of my dearest Hitachiin twins :D

be seeing you guys soon ^^
P/s : let your smile cover up your tears! peace YAw!