Exam Weeks is Here! WooHoo!!!

Annyeong, everyone~ its been a while i didn't write. i'm kinda busy with something.. hahahahaha XD just kidding. actually i'm just facing some addicted problems. i mean, i'm addicted to Chobits and GhostHunt (if you ever heard about it) well, both of them are anime. i've found through Youtube. so, i just want to finish watching them both. that is why i don't write my blog. ehehe :D betweeb those two, i prefer Chobits as the characters just to cute! well, the story is about a student named Hideki who luckily found a treasure robot which they call as persocom (i don't know the actual spelling) and he call the robot as Chi as it only can say the word 'chi'. well, the story is kinda very interesting because you can find many funny scene in it. ehehe :D but some of the scene are not really suitable for 18 and above (uh-oh! thats me!) you know what i mean~ if you don't know, then you better watch it yourself. hahaha XD.. and.. GhostHunt? its about an agency that hunting for ghost. the main character is just sooo damn hot. LOL. his name is Shibuya Kazuya. he is just 18 years old but already have his own business. then, he met with this highschool girl name Mai. she's cute and she have special feeling towards him (eventhough he never treat her well) ahaha :D the story iss very interesting and there also some scene that really creeps me out. especially the one which about a doll. hahaha :D make me more antis to doll. ekekeke :D. ahh~ if i'm not going to sit for this final exam, i would have watching another anime right now =.='

  And tomorrow, i'm going to have English Paper. hopefully i get the best mark. ehehe :D honestly, i suppose to study right now but i don't feel like it so, i guess i'm going to study for it tomorrow morning. i should have enough time for that tomorrow. ehehe :DD. ermmm.. today i have Malay Language paper. and its not very hard to do and not very easy la. i did my very best today and hopefully can get good marks for it so that i can get PSP from my parent. Wuhuu~ but according to my condition right now (hahaha :D my lazy condition) i can't guarentee that i can get good marks for it. but at least i'm not going to  fail any of my subject and i think and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to fail addmath again T^T. ahh~ today prudence didn't come to school and i feel so lonely. she have to follow her mum to KL as her mum has something to do there. and she will be back tomorrow. can't wait to see her! Fiona seem to act very different lately. i don't know what's gotten into her but obviously she is not Fiona that i know for 8 years. she's different. really-really different. well, maybe because she have new girlfriends and she feel more happier with her new girlfriends. well, i let her do what she wants. she have her rights to choose her own friends right? so, why should i care? teehee~ (actually i do care. a little...)

ahahaha :D she really does look like Chi just that Original Chi is double cuter. huahahaha :D well, i adore all the cosplayer around the world. (especially those who really resembles anime) and i'm feeling very envious with them because here, in malaysia. no cosplay or stuff like that were being organize. no fun T^T. ehehehe XD oh well, i guess its time for me to say good bye then. ehehei :D wish me all the best. hopefully i can answer all the question tomorrow. my Stupid brother want to borrow my lappy. i hate him. never ever forgive and forget of what he done. NEVER.

so, i guess this is goodbye. ehehehe

i let Cosplay of Chibi naruto ends my post for now. enjoy and ADIEU! :D

P/S : just let your smile cover your tears. don't let other see what your feeling really are.

Annyeong! Goodbye! Adieu! Sayonara! Selamat Tinggal! Zai Jian!

wish me luck! Hwaiting! hwaiting!