Shopping Or Eating? hahaha :D

Annyeong~ we meet again! today, i woke up at exactly 12 :00 pm. hahaha :D i have more than enough sleep. well, actually i slept at 2.00a.m so no wonder i woke up by noon. well, then i go shopping with my dearest sis jon and my lovely son, Shawny. we went to Merdeka Mall. Its a new mall and there got a lot of cute clothes store. Hwaa~ i was like in heaven! hahaha :D but i didn't buy anything at Merdeka Mall as i'm saving money to buy some Manga. hahahaha :D Manga is the most important! Shawny got his toy truck from department store at merdeka mall but he hasn't got time to play with it as his mum demanding my mum (shawn's grandma) to send Little Shawny home. Aigoo~ i really don't want Shawny to go home but still his mum need him right? what else i can do? hahahaha :D back to the topic. At merdeka mall, Sis Jon buy me Kokoberry. we both order Double Chocolate. ehehe :D thanks to her :D there we start our eating routine. hahaha :D then, the three of us went to Esplanade and again, sis Jon buy us a couple of sausage with fishballs, coconut juice, 'cucur pisang' and 'buntut ayam' hahahahaha :D then after we finish eating, we went to Boulevard Shopping Mall and there i bought 4 Manga books. hohohohohoh :D and before we went back home, sis Jon buy us Mcflurry Oreo and SiewMai and also popcorn and cotton candy for Shawny. In car i asked her " we went shopping or eating? " hahaha :D because we didn't even buy anything except for food, food and food. LOL XD this is my first time seeing her buying only food. hahahahaha :D whenever i recall this memory, i laugh because it just to funny. hehehehei. At home, my aunt and mum asked me to join them for dinner. and of course i said, i'm full. but then after i finish showering, i saw sis Jon eating her dinner, i was like " whoa sis! can i join? " hahahahaha :D i just about to say that actually but she invited me first then, we eat together. today is the day where i ate a lot. hahahahah :D gain weight but fun ^^

The second things i want to talk about is my boyfriend.( dreaming before sleep) His name is HyukMin. Cute ha? sorry, he's mine now! well, i've found him in some website. that time, i was surveying the net with my dearest Jaba while watching some Thai's horror movies. he caught my heart at that very moment. hahahaha :D he's an uljjang too! i found that he have the same interest as i am. we both loves arts, music and even our fashion sense also the same (we both love harajuku's style) hahahaha :D well, this is what people call as Fate. huahahahaha :D he lives in japan since he was young but i think he's back to Korea already as he's currently studying at Seoul National University and took a graphic arts major. I don't know much about him as i just met him. he's father was dead and he's really close to his mother. i think he really loves his mother. teehee! that's make him twice cuter. i wish i see him and know him better. but that is so not going to happen even i cried until blood comes out to replace my tears. hohohohooh :D aish! whenever i think about the things that i will never can get, i felt so dissapointed. yeah, who doesn't if their dreams can't come true. ehehehe :D what ever it take, i will find my way to go to Japan and Korea before i die! if mum allowed me, i want to find part-time job and saves money so that i could travelled with the money and she and dads doesn't need to spend their money for my dream journey. hohohoh :D then, if i can go, i would like to invite dear Jaba to come with me so that we could spent our journey together. huahahahahaha :DD

i guess that is all for now as i need to sleep because tomorrow i have, i'm off now. as usual, i put HyukMin photo to end my post ^^

hope to meet him in the future :D so long everyone ^^

P/S : Let your smile cover up your tears :D