having tooth-ache but still going to participating in debate T^T

Annyeong~ long time didn't use kevin's photo to start my blog. ekekeke :D ahh~ really miss his beautiful angelic face ^^. well, today i have a very bad and long day. You see, right now i'm suffering from tooth-ache T^T. my two precious cute front teeth is sick right now. i really love them both as i think they make me look cute. huahahahaha *shameless* oh well, everyone experience tooth-ache right? ehehe :D as long as i'm not losing them, i'll satisfied. teehee XD. i can not even eat a single food today *liar* i only able to eat junk food T^T. hopefully both my tooth will recover soon so that i can ate my favourite chocolates and candy again ^^. School? not so bad just that fiona and i didn't get along well today. she seem to be different lately. since she be friends with caroline and siew mei. not that i blame them. NO, thats not my point. what i want to say here is that fiona seem like don't have the guuts to talk or hanging out with me, prudence and valerie anymore. maybe because the three of us still immature and don't really participating in any school activities. i mean, we're not so called active student and also not a very good grades student like them. we also not famous and not everyone know us. i know where i am and i understand very well if she don't want to cope up with me though ^^. maybe because i talk loud and embarrasing her infront of everyone she knows. not my problem. like it or not, i'm not going to change it. i was born with it so i have to live with it ^^

 And tomorrow i'm going to participating in english debate. I'm going to sit in Opposition side and the topic will be "television does not destroy lives". i'm so freaking nervous right now because i never participating in debate before and i'm scared that, when i got to much nervousness, i will do stupid things in front of everyone T^T. i'm scared. as i always said, my english is not good and even if i use english at home, thats only on weekends as i speak to my son in english T^T and that is the only time i use english at home! at school, i speak malay with my english teacher! aigoo~ i'm so dead tomorrow. but thanks God, the topics isn't bad enough. i can think of the ideas very well. hopefully its not out of topic. hahahaha :D i was team up with my mum and dad (prudence and christyan) hohohoh :D and that what great about the debate~ >_0. prudence said, " we are unseparateable" hahahahah :D i guess she's right! LOL XD then she even invented something like BFF thing and if i'm not mistaken, its was sound like this : "BESTFRIEND SINCE PRIMARY SCHOOL" ahahaha :D BFSPS for short. LOL XD. i can't stop laughing whenever i'm with her. same goes to Valerie. ekeke :D i really wish that the three of us were in the same class but if that happen, our classmate would be very dizzy as we're too loud! hahahaha :D i can imagine because we've experienced that before XD.

and so here we are, the main things that i really want to talk about. huahahaha :D i just found out he have a dog. his dog is soo look like my chubby~ only his dog is smaller *but chubby is cuter*  hahahaha :DD we soo meant to be together! LOL XD (hopefully he never read my blog) hahahahaha :D if he does, i don't know how to face the world because of my shameless public admitation. LOL :DD oh well, like he will like me back~ and his dog name is... undefined. LOL XD. i don't know where to look for it. i'm not official nor unofficially related to this Hyuk Min guy. well, maybe after i couple with him later, i'll tell you guys. LOL :D like that will EVER happen. i was made by Him alone though~ hahahahah :D just kidding ^^. So Sorry MY LORD! eynnnn...what else? hmmm.. suffering tooth-ache? check. debating? check. HyukMin's dog? check. Ahh! tomorrow i'm going to sit for 4 paper that is Math I, history I, Biology and EST I. hopefully i can do my best in all 4 exams~ teehee :D and i hope after this i can concentrate and study my biology! uh-oh! i was suppose to study history! oh well, i only bring my biology book to my aunt house just now *my house is just next to her house* hahahaha :D lazy to walk bahh~ like parents always said, girl can't go out at night. hohohohohoh *lame excuses* by the way, i've think of making my own comic after this final exam but i guess its will be a very long time for me to finish it up as this is my first time on making comic. hahaha :D hopefully i don't lost hope in doing one! wish me luck! Hwaiting!~!!

so, i guess this is good bye as i really need to study my biology and remembering my debate script~ wish me luck for tomorrow! 
so here the picture of me and Hyuk Min~ teehee *obviously its photoshop* and also will be one of my favourite photo :DDDD

see you guys soon! bye-bye for now!!
ADIEU! everyone~~

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D