Lost In My World Of Imagination

    Annyeong and Happy Halloween everyone! i've been skipping blogging for 2 days and i'm purposely doing that because i'm not in mood. hahahaha :D last 2 days which is 29th October, its was my mum's birthday. yeah, we do celebrate but i haven't wish her happy birthday yet because i was waiting for my report card as a present. hahahahaha :D she thought i forget that day was her birthday. hohohoh :D well, let she thinks that i'm bad. LOL :D actually that noon, we have a little fight ^^. love her very much though~ if i don't fight her, i feel so lonely you know, hahahaha XD okay. enough about that.

As you know, i'm addicted to Hyuk Min. So, i've search a little about him on the internet and what really suprising me is that he is smoking T^T. honestly, i don't really like someone who smoking. i hate smokers. when i found his photo which show that he's smoking, i was like "OMG! he's smoking!!" and my heart break onto pieces! because i'm so terribly addicted to his cute face, i feel like my heart broken like i was in love with real person. i mean, like he was really my boyfriend. hahahaha :D the whole day, i don't feel like online. i'm weird. i know! too much obsession on him! but then, that night, after i told dearest sis Jaba, i feel a little better and starting to accept that he was smoking. he's a model, right? and weather at Korea is still cold even on summer, right? so, he's smoking because he want to get his body fit and to warm his body up ^^. *try to think positive*. so, i guess keep on admiring him ^^. and last night, i upload his photo to my phone and use his photo which is one of my favourite photo of him as my wallpaper. i keep my phone open *i use flip phone* because i want to see his face 24/7 and before i went to bed, i stare at his photo again. LMFAO XD aigoo~~ i really need meet with mental doctor. hahahaha :D sorry HyukMin! I'm really really sorry! hahahaha :DD i don't know what make me becoming really obsess with you. its feel like i was in spell. hahaha. DUH! i'm abnormal. well, actually this is not my first time being to obsess like this. my first obsession is on Jiyong oppa a.k.a Gdragon ^^ i'm addicted to GD for 4 years. amazing eh? hahahaha :D but still can't compete with Benji Madden. okay. back to HyukMin. hahahaha XD. and whenever i think about him, i feel like i was in heaven but when i wasn't in my dreamland anymore, i feel like stupid and saying "like he will ever liking you back, you idiot! babo!" hahahaha :D i kept saying those things but still it didn't stop me from dreaming to be with him. hahahahahahahaha XDD.

Obsession can make me believe in anything eventhough its not really them. hahahaha :D i can't imagine. what if he really do have facebook? what if i met him accidentally? what if he become my friend all the sudden? KYAHHHH!! hahahahahahahahah XDDD i know. i know. thats not gonna happen. please somebody who read this post, help me and tell me the best way how to get rid of this obsession. hahahahaha :D later he'll sing "why are you so obsess with me?" hahahahaha :D i wish i'm an ulzzang to so that i can see him and maybe team up with him. or at least i can team up with Park Tae Jun like Hong Young Gi. hohohohoh :D i'm so envious with those ulzzang. because it seems like their world is just so perfect. Oh ya! i did some theory on how they can be ulzzang. hahaha :D
my first theory is "that someone must be a bad boy/girl" because so far, i found some photo which show that some ulzzang is kissing in public 'WHOA' and they smoking. and some of their photo show that they have been hang out at some night clubs and karaoke centre. hahahaha:D so that is my first theory. it just A THEORY. and my second theory is that "these ulzzang people must come from rich family" because so far, i saw their photo and they was talking photo in their room like YoungGi. and i saw her room is pretty nice ^^. and i think most of the ulzzang have the Canon camera. i mean the advance camera which The photographer use. so, that is my second theory.

And once again i want to said that i really hate my brother. i thought he stop being crazy! Urgh! Don't want to talk about him anymore. BLAH! make me gone mad.

so, that is all for now from me :D i want to eat pizza made by my dearest cousy, Ina..
adieu everyone! XD

Bye :D