Worst than Before

 I know i shouldn't start my blog by telling  bad things happen in my life because so far, all blogs that i've read, all start with happy things. You see, today i think is one of the worst day that i ever had in my entire life. Since i enter my teenage life, i had the worst. i'm tired of this actually. But what can i do? i'm just an ordinary girl.
    The thing is, i'm just confuse. I don't know whose side should i be.  I'm so blank when this thought came into my mind. So hating it but i'm helpless. I don't really want to explain everything here. So, i think its better if i use something else to describe this matter.
    Okay. Like this, Miss A and Mr.B love each other. But Miss A's parent don't agree with their relationship because they don't really like Mr.B. So, Miss A told her cousin which i named cousin C that she can't stay with her parent anymore as she love Mr.B so much. Miss A decided to move with Mr.B. The connection between me and this matter is, i'm Miss A another cousin (cousin D, i think).

    Truthfully, i can understand her feeling and i also can feel her mother's sorrow.  I really don't know whose side should i be. I wish i can make things right but if i took part in this whole matter, maybe i'll make things more worst. I'm so worried about Miss A future. What if Mr.B dumped her? What if Mr.B's family don't like her? and if that happen, will her parent forgive and welcomed her to their family once again? All of this question came out. I love her so much because she just like my real sister. And i never want anything bad happen to her. I wish that she change her mind and stay.
    And so i wish that the only bad story for today. This second story is more bad. Well bad for me of course. Its all about PMR which i just took this years. The result will come out this 24th December. I am so scare as the day is around the corner. I don't want to see my results. I didn't study well but i believe that i already did my really best for that. I can't even imagine if my results is not good. My parent will be very upset and angry with me. I don't really hope to get straight A's actually. Getting 3 or 4 A's is already enough for me. I really want to cry but my tears won't come out. Its like my tears were stuck on my cornea or something that is connected to eyes. I'm so scared. I don't think i can sleep well this night and the night after.
         I really want to make my parent proud of me but this is just to late because i can't go back in time and retake the exams. All i can do for now is hoping to get the best result. I also hope that i can enter the best class next year.
       I think thats all for now. I hope tomorrow is better than today because i'm so tired to spend my day with problems. I'm so damn tired.