I want to go to South Korea!

        As you know, i am korean wannabe. Yea. pathetic heh? ehehe but i really wish i can speak korean you know. I buy a lot of Korean books as a reference but (=_=;) Oh well, maybe i'm not meant to be korean. ahaha =D Everytime my dad come home, i told him that i want him to bring me to Korea one day and after that, i will leave him and mum alone. (^o^). 
         I learn few korean words from friends that i found on the net. First word that i learn from them is 'Ahnneyeong haseyo', 'Chingu'  and 'Sarangheyo'. a very basic word that most of us can heard by watching Korean movie and drama. The most korean drama that i ever watch is My Girl. ROFL. That drama, everytime i think about any part from the drama, i'll burst to laugh because that drama was so damn funny.

     And that drama is my first korean drama and from that drama i started to fell in love with korean celebrity. I think Lee Jun Ki was my first. (^_^). Okayla, i'm out from the main topic again. ahakz!  Well, there is a few things that i really like about Korea. First is their language. If you listen to what korean people say carefully,  you will find it very cute because almost every word they said is ended with 'O' sounds(^_0) like, 'komowayo', 'bulmeoyo' and the truth is  don't know what is that word suppose to means. ahakz! Okayla, second things i really adore about Korea is their Music. Actually if you just listen  their music just like that, you will never find what so special about them and you will say their music is just the same with others. But for me, their music got something which make it sound really special.

     I don't know why i think their music is special. Maybe because i'm too obsess with Korean things. But from many genre of music, i prefer to listen to RnB, HipHop and Rock. Hmm..On my third list is korean people. You see, for all this years. i have been watching their music video and dramas. So, i just realize that most of korean male is a pretty boy type. But i don't think that weird at all because that what make them be so special and of course have caught my heart. LOL! Sometimes, when i print out my favourites artist's photo and my mum saw them, she would say that i'm crazy and of course she would say they don't even real. LOL!  i realize that mum. But i just can't control myself you know. Everytime i found a new korean boyband, there will be one of their bandmates will caught my eyes you know. Eheks.
       Okayla. ermmm.. My Fourth is about their City. Seoul City and Busan City is my favourite. How i wish i can be there right now. And if i'm lucky, i will meet with my favourite people. LOL! alright. ahakz~ Seoul city is Bi-Rain's hometown and Busan City is Lee JunKi's hometown. ahaha! i think, thats all for now i think. ehehe~ hopefully my dream come true one day.