Why him?!

  Why him? Why should be Inseok? arghh! I don't really get it. First, I'm so depply in love with Gdragon. But, why Inseok manage to caught my heart and make me stop thinking of Gdragon? Haiz~ well i think i just blame everything on Inseok's cute face :D He so damn cute. 
        Actually, i don't really 100%  fall in love with him because of his face but we also have common between us. Which is we both like Doraemon and Mickey Mouse! When i found this out, i just like flying in the air! L.O.L~  i never thought that there were still somebody who like doraemon and mickey mouse like i do. ahaha. Truthfully, i'm not really Doraemon and Mickey Mouse fans only but more anime and cartoon which i love so much. Ahakz! That why my mum call me immature. Well, as always, i take that as a compliment. ekeke =D Once i told my mum that i want to marry Doraemon and my mum said i'm already lose my insanity. L.O.L. 
      Okayla. I think i'm out from the main topic! ahakz! No worry about that because i'm pretty sure that will happen again in the future. (^o^) So, about this boy(Inseok) he is the leader of a band named SHU-I. Actually, at my first time seeing this band, i like one of the bandmates but not Inseok oppa. His name is Changhyun if i'm not mistaken. But then, i search again for their pictures, i change my mind and choose Hyungjun. L.O.L and thats mean Inseok oppa is my third choice and he really make my heart melt just like when i fell in love with Gdragon before. LOL. 
           So, i think this is one of the reason why i don't fell in love with real people(not celebrity). Hmm.. Maybe because i'm so syok with my own world. ahaha =D pity me! I think i'm not normal but abnormal LOL. okayla. i just don't want to talk about this anymore because i'm afraid that i just can't stop. LOL.