Do You Believe in Miracles?

Okay, let me sounds a bit cliche here. Hello~~ April! hahaha xD That wasn't that funny but yeah, I like it hahahaha anyway... It's been a month I didn't came back here. Like woowwww~ is this blog gonna be updated like monthly? I guess, there's a huge possibility it will be that way hahahaha I mean, I've been so busy living my life I don't even have time for stuff anymore. Well, I do have the time but working just drain my energy completely, man. *SIGHS* Well, my job is simple, it just that, I hate it? hahahaha I mean, it's never occur to me, not even once that I'd work as an Accountant. Even my college friends, who took the same course as I am told me, directly that Office Job isn't made for me. hahahaha Well, I may be complaining about it but I need it because I need money HAHAHAHAHA tho the salary ain't that good but it's just enough for me, tho it still can't make me afford a figurine yet hahahaha xD yeaa, it's been few years I didn't actually buy a figurine for myself. I kinda missed the feeling of opening the box and unboxed the figurine and put it together with my other baes (@´_`@) sad, sad feelings hahahaha but well, I guess I'll just have endure it for the time being. I mean, I'm still young and there's still so many things I could do and I'm gonna grab every opportunity I get from now on so I can actually afford my Otakuness life. hahahaha who knows? Maybe one day I'm finally able to set my foot on the Land of the Rising Sun yerrr HAHAHAHAHA *SIGHS* Dare to dream, dare to make it real. Yooo it's actually from one of Paris Hilton's old MV, i think it's called uhhhhh nothing in this world. ( I actually looked it up on Youtube hahahahaha ) AHem, anyway, so far.... my days are ordinary. Just that I planned to spend more times with my family. Tho, so far it's failing. HAHAHAHAHA I need better plans tho. I mean, who knows, once I'm going to SG, we're not going to able to spend time as much as we often did. Tho..... Now not as much as before. Haaaa...... I really do missed the old days. But there's not much different between the old days and the nowadays for me. I'm always alone though HAHAHAHAHA *shrugs*

Okay, narcissistic time... I look so good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD Nah, the truth is, my selfie game seriously leveling up right now. hahahaha I guess, that's because I feel more comfortable and accepting of myself? Yeah... I guess that's must be it. hahahaha though, I do plan of exercising, losing a few pounds before going Penang which is in two more month. Holyshit mannnn~~~ Two more freaking month Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I can't wait to go! I want to take as many pictures as I could and cherish it. Also, mostly I look forward for the Escape Park. Because Adventure, bruhhhh~~~~ tho I feel a bit sien cuz Anime Matsuri is going to be held on 1st of July, exactly one month after we went there. Like UGH. life isn't fair....(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚ But oh well, I just hope that by the end of this year, there's gonna be another Anime convention in Miri because aaaaaahhh!!!! Also, me and sis Jaba did planning to join this year. I mean, not literally joining the competition or anything, just put our cosplays on and just hang out with the other cosers while fangirling HAHAHAHAHAHA since, last year convention, I didn't went with her. I wonder what happen? Probably she have to go somewhere for work, if I'm not mistaken. I just remember that I went there with my gangs, and there I met with Baby Rania as well hahahaha and I also meet with Doraemon, a huge friendly cute doraemon like AAAAAAAAAAAAAh also, speaking of convention last year. It was the first time I meet HakkenRyou like oh lordness.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Before I went further, let me ask you this... Do you believe in Miracle? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, oh my god mannn.... Did you know that he's actually lives in MIri? Like in freaking Miri???? A place where I lives and grow for 23 years?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAH oh my gooooooddddddddd... I knew this since last year though but it didn't actually occur to me that much but since yesterday... ka? Uhh, I this yea, since yesterday the feeling of overwhelming hit me like a truck and I'm like, holyshit. Hakken Ryou is Mirian? Like is that even for real?????? I mean, loook at him! LOOK AT HIM! he doesn't even look like a Mirian to me. HAHAHAHAHA He's like uuhhhh I dont know.... Fictional character that came to life??? HAHAHAHAHAA wow, I could just stare at his face whole day, whole week and I don't think I could get tired of it. HAHAHAHAHA Right now, I feel like I wanna inbox him in Facebook like asking him like "I know this is sudden but can I ask you a question?" HAHAHAHAHAHA and i think I wouldnt even wait for him to reply me that I'd just ask him right away if he really were a Mirian like are you for real? You sure you're not from other place? Other world??? maybe.... But I guess, I'll just freak him out HAHAHAHAHA I mean, I do have the tendency of coming too strong towards people HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah. I'm savage.

*Sighs dreamily* Just look at his face tho... hahahahaha perfect anime character that coming to life HAHAHAHAHA i wonder if he prefer guys or girls. I mean, looking back from my crushing experience so far.... My crushes were either, liking someone else, gay, lives 287423864873 miles away from me, taken or.... did I say gay? HAHAHAHAHA *SIGHS* I wish he's not gay tho. Bi, yeah. I mean, at least he still like girls so I still have a hope. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just wish that I'm his type tho. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wish wishy washy...

Well, actually there's nothing much to fangirl about him other than his looks, his talents in cosplaying, and the fact that he look just perfect guy, my kind of guy... just that... I've been wondering like, how does it feel if someone that you admire/a character/celebrity is actually lives in your area? Like holy shiatsu.. this just sounds like anime/ k-drama or every other imaginary stories I've written so far hahahahahahaha and they fell in love with each other and lives happily ever after! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well, this is reality and considering the fact that reality isn't like fairy tales, it's gonna be hard tho. I mean, unless, I'm blessed with miracles and coincidence happens and we actually meet each other, while he wasn't in his costume, just being his real self and start become friends and BAM! cupid arrow strike! and yeaaa first boyfriend for PGie! Congrats~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nah, i'm just kidding. If that happen, walaoweh, i don't even know how to react to that. hahahahaha even so, i think... real him must have girl friend already. I mean, look at him! impossible no girlfriend one la. ahahahaha his girl friend must be the luckiest. Haaaaa... I wish I could be that girl ; _ ;

If he's my boyfriend, I'd suggest him to cosplay as my favourite character HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'd be his number one fans for sure. But i guess, there's so many other beautiful cosers and fangirls. So, I have a small chances to be the lucky one hahahaha *sighs* I mean, I never even get lucky in crushing, how the hell HAHAHAHAHAHA oh well, whatever.

I'm actually out of things to say though. Ah, hmmmm.... I planned to go to my house next week and probably plays games so I guess I won't be updating next week. It's been soooo long I didn't went there and spend the night. Also, I kinda miss my baby blacky and Chubchub. If I went to SG next year, there will be wayy lesser time for me to meet them. Haaaaa.... I'm actually pretty worried about going there and leaves my parents here. I mean, how can I leave them with that bastard? But thinking back, I've been doing nothing for them so far. So I guess, this is just the right things to do? Perhaps this is the best way for me to pay them back? Like working my best, so they would less worry about me? I mean, I can't stand the fact that I'm still so depending on them and that I'm actually still burdening them in one way or another. I mean, yeah, I work now but I still lives with them so I'm actually still 90% under their care. So I guess, I am making the right decisions of moving out from here and start my own life? I haven't actually figure out what I want to do once I'm there but I know that I won't get any office work anymore. *Sighs* I wonder what's my parent would say if I told them that I'm not going to work as an Accountant at SG. Oh well, I'll just hope for the best then. I hope they'll let me do whatever job that I wish to do. Also, I hope that they'll support my decisions of becoming a part-time youtuber. hahahahaha Ahhhhhh, there's so many worries! I hate growing up sometimes! but at least, there's some changes in my life i guess. Rather than staying in my comfort zone, I guess I am making the right decision, right? I wonder..... I really am wondering. Will this decision turn my life better?

Who could say? I guess I'll just go for it and find out myself eh?

hmmmmm.. well, that's all for now. I'll be back soon.

Bye :)