February BeGONEE!!! Also future plan.

Hello, bloggy. I'm sorry I've been feeling out of the weather lately. I'm just feeling extremely mentally and physically exhausted for the last few days. I guess I'm just having one of those moment where every feelings just hit me like a train or probably a spaceship. hahahaha but yeah, I'm ignoring almost everyone and I'm enjoying it so far. I mean, I got me time but at the same time, I just hate to feel lonely. *sighs*

But to be honest, I gotta say.... I'm just getting tired to finding people and I just at my point where I want people to look for me or at least text me first. Not in a group. I mean, personally text me in person. But I guess that's just too much to ask. I just feel... I don't know. Neglect? Ignored? Not important? I guess a little bit of all three. My parents... Well, they're clueless of what I'm feeling right now. Just like they usually did and they just assume that I'm being a bitch, since I've always been acting like this since forever. So..... yeah. Not that I'd tell them anyway. I mean, they wouldn't even understand it so why bother. Right? So I feel like hell right now. I feel like taking a leave tomorrow. An emergency leave, ya know. Cuz' I dont feel like dealing with people just yet. I just *SIGHS* it's like... I have so much to say out loud but I just can't think of a person who would care enough to listen to it. But I guess this is alright. I mean, I'm gonna leave this place for good soon though. I've made up my mind that I'm grabbing the opportunity that is given to me and that I shall start a new life at Singapore with my friends. I'm going. Though I still don't know if I should continue to work in a business related company or perhaps just some normal work like sales person or maybe a Barista. I'm still thinking though. But as long as I get enough offday, I'm fine with any of it. hahahaha *sIGHS* I need to tell my parent though. About the work that I'll be taking when I'm going to Singapore later on. But for now, considering how many times I've been feeling like this, since the starting of the year, I'm just looking forward to lives far away from here. Maybe it's for the best for everyone and for me, especially. I mean, even my birthday this year. It doesn't feel like birthday at all. It was all thanks to my usual gang, Shuhui, Kenny and my baby girl Joan who threw me a surprise birthday party. I was sooooo close to shed a tears that time hahahaha because I shit you not. For my entire life, I had never been given a surprise bday party. I was the one who was always throwing surprise for people. Well, it was my fault for expecting people would swim across the same river like I did. I guess, I shouldn't have think that. It was my own fault. It was pretty disappointing but yeah, that's why I love my gangs so much. I definitely will hold them dearly close to my heart till the end of my existence. *sighs* also, my bestie Val was being sweet too on my birthday. She bought a small Doraemon doll at Kuching and brought it back to Miri and she wrote a small note with a cute message on it. Present from hers was always my favourite. That's why I love her so much. hahahaha

Well... Speaking of living in SG tho.... I'm planning that if I have extra money leftover for my first few month expenses after moving there, I might will start to set up my gaming channel which I've always been dreaming of wanting to do. I think it would be much more easier to find a capture cards and a cheap gaming set up in SG since they're like pretty modern country and there's actually many Youtubers. Also, my friends has actually supporting me for doing it so.... I guess there won't be any problems. I might suck a lot but yeah, I'm not gonna doing it to impress people. I'm just doing it to finish all my unfinish game and to play games that I wanted to play but have no courage to start. hahahahaha the channel probably will suck a lot but ehh, don't mind it. It'll be my new hobby somehow hahaha xD if it success, then luck is on my side, if it not, then it's okay :)
Also, If I'm going to do that, I definitely need to start discipline myself with time and shit like that. I mean, I'm a mess. I'm never punctual and I'm just bad at cleaning and shit. So, I guess I really should start doing real shit so my parent, especially mom will not have to worry about me while I'm away. I also need to fix things up with dad. I mean, I admit that I did being a big of a bitch this few weeks and I just.... Haaaaaaaa.... I should try a little harder and be more patience with him. I mean, it's how he is and I know he's annoying. So, I should already be very used to it right? Hmmm.... Maybe I should.. Not maybe. I have too.

Speaking of away. There's only around 3 month left before I'm going for another trips with my gangs. We're going to Penang this time. I think I've mention this on my previous post hahahaha but yeah, I'm pretty excited about this trip. I'm just scared that I won't have enough money to go there since my paycheck is pretty shitty. *SIGHS* I wanted to ask from my parents for the money but since my dad isn't working anymore and that bigot of a brother of mine is still shitty as fuck, it just make me think twice. And I've been planning on dye-ing my hair again soon.... So *SIGHS* money problem alert hahahaha.

Also, I really need a new hobby though. I'm losing grip with everything I always loves to do and I don't even selfie that often nowadays hahahaha.... I probably just start saving up after Penang trip and buy myself a gaming laptop. So I could start to learn playing some online gaming? ahahaha since I already have my Steam Acc. I might just try to play some of it, as practice so I won't suck a lot after when I setting up my channel hahahaha and yeah, I'm thinking that for my videos, I might just use the commentary without having to put my face up on the screen because hell, I'm already awkward as it is HAHAHAHA I can't even imagine I'm gaming with vidcam on my face while talking through the gaming session. Like nu uh... hahahahahahahaha even in the 3-sec video for B612 and Snow has already make me feel awkward, imagine a 15 minutes video. Like holy shit man,. no thanks. HAHAHAHAH and if I have viewers and they ask to reveal my face, I'll just link them to my Insta account HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, I have wayyyyy too many selfies in that account than anywhere else. and plus, my insta is like revealing a little piece of me every time I post somethings. so its a plus for them HAHAHAHAHA okay I should stop day dreaming. I'm actually not sure how I'm going to do it but yeah, the unknown is scares me but excite me for the most part. So I'm just gonna give it a go. I also plan like I might not gonna post everyday but maybe once a week or twice a week the most. I mean, I still have to work for a living because I don't plan to monetize my videos.. so yeah hahahahaha well maybe I would if I have the consent from the gamemaker.

I guess that's all for now. I need to try to get some sleep since I had to wake up early tomorrow. I guess I shall try to be punctual starting tomorrow hahahahaha Wish me luck! I'll drop by soon.