Happiness Rhymes with Pineapple!!!!!!! ((( o(≧∇≦o)

HELLO AGAIN! Update twice this month eh? HAHAHAHAHAHA IT'S A MIRACLE! hahahahahaha yeah, well... I have many things to say omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg HAHAHAAHHA well, not THAT many but yeah, pretty awesome things happen in my life lately that I couldn't help but to feel so blessed! just ERGMAGERDDDD hahahahaha xD Anyway, let's start with something simple. Like uhhhh my daily life? Well, daily life.... There's nothing much change. My job is like the usual, boring but since it's the end of the month, so I'm pretty occupied with work so time flew fast and yeah, JUNE IS COMING AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! the trip! and also, I can't wait to meet Kenny. Gosh, I miss that bitch so much hahahaha it's been a while we didn't call each other hmmm maybe I should call him soon hahaha I just miss his bitchy laugh HAHAHAHA Shock Hui and Joan, I don't miss them that much because we literally just met like last week and had some Japanese food for dinner because Joan suddenly crave for it hahahaha yea, but like, I'm always give my time for them. I mean, I'm trying my very most best to give my time for my precious people even though I'll ended up tired later on hahahaha I mean, what's worst can happen other than getting sick? hahahaha it's okay, it's all right. I feel better if I could make someone's day. I mean, I know too well the feeling of not having anyone around you when you need someone. I realized that I've been doing this shit since forever for almost everyone, ever since I have my driving license and even more after I got the job hahaha xD Am I doing too much for others and too little for myself? Hmmm, I don't think so. hahaha and yeah, I am also a firm believer of 'If someone care about you, they'll leave everything for u'. I've been telling this to so many people that I do everything for them but I know too well that nowadays, word just word. So, from now on, I want to show them that I do mean it. They could try call me 3 in the morning, I shall answer the call or return it in a split second. I'd drive to their house if they need me. Because, YOLO Bitches. HAHAHAHA I mean, I'm just at the point that I want to cherish people I care about because we never know when we'll reach the end of our life. It could be tomorrow, maybe in a year or five years to come. Who could ever guess. My point is that, before anything bad happen or our relationship just happen to fluctuated, and if I ever just become a memories for them, I want to be the best in their mind. I want to be the part of the memories where it could make them smile when they thought of me, I want them to be able to stay happy whenever I crossed their mind and able to get through the day with a optimism when they thought of me :)

Also... I have a pleasant conversation with dad lately, tho we still bickering some times. I mean, almost, most of the time but yeaaa, we're in an O-K relationship for the time being. I mean, time will heals right? So, I do believe that we'll fix this relationship between us and I should try way harder than this so I can make him happy, mom happy, everyone's happy and it's a win-win for everyone hahaha.

The trip is one month awayyyyy~~~~~~~~ AYYYYYY!!! hahahahaha I'm wondering like do we still going to make the group t-shirt though? And if we do, I wanna do it fast like I want to wear it so badly like AHHH!!! also, I decided that for this trip I'm gonna do some video edits. Well, with the help of a special Apps of course (i'm not that talented in video editting LOLOLOLOL) Especially if we're really going to the Escape PArk. I WANNA TRY THE SUPER HIGH FLYING FOX AND THE JUMP OFF THE TOWER or something ACTIVITY! I WANNA FLYYYYY!!! hahahahahaha well, i'm not sure how I'm gonna do it, YET but yeah, I wanna do it and post it on insta and I'll cherish it hahahahaha I use cherish too much hahahaha xD
<------ THis picture actually my most favourite selfie so far. HAHAHAHA my selfie game is hella on top right now HAHAHAHAHA practice does make perfect sometimes HAHAHAHA okay, I was distracted for a while there because of my beauty in selfie HAHHAHAHAHA kill me. OH, actually... the real reason why I'm blogging today is that I WENT WITH SIS INUT TO SCAN HER FIRST BABY YESTERDAY AND I GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE IT FOR THE FIRST TIME AND IT WAS SO CUTE AND I WAS RIGHT ALL THE TIME WHEN I TOLD MY MOM IT WOULD BE A BOY AND IT WAS A CUTE WITTLE BOY AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET IT SOON. SHE WILL GIVE BIRTH TO THAT PRECIOUS BABY IN JULY LIKE ASJDWIEUFHIUWEHGIUERHGIUEHRUIGHEUIHGIUEHRGIUEWHFUWIGHUIRWHGIUWHG

This is the scan photo. Look at how adorable he is. AWhhhhh, my heart just fill with love and I just *SIGHSSS* i can't wait to welcome him to the world ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

OH ALSO. I have another news! I've been dying to tell about this one but my toothache stopped me from writing because holy shit. HAHAHAHA the pain is unbearable. I need to find a time to go and pull it out. I can't keep on depending on painkiller or the painkiller will literally get me killed. Oh! the irony! HAHAHAHAHA OKAY. are you ready for this HAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay, remember on my previous post, I've been talking about a coser from Miri named Hakken RYOU. AAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA *ahem* okay, cool down Pgie. Pls. hahahahahaha and guess whatttt, right after I posted about him and been thinking about it, suddenly this one particular day, he posted on Miri Cosplay Club on facebook which where me and sis Jaba also happen to be the member like I don't know why we even be in there since we don't even cosplaying, like at all HAHAHAHA but yea, putting that fact aside..... HE WAS POSTING THAT HE'S GOING TO MAKE A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY CELEBRATION WITH A MYSTIC MESSENGER THEME LIKE KJFKSFJSDKFHKDSGDFJGSKGD AND obviously, I'm currently addicted to the game like HOW MANY MORE COINCIDENCE CAN HAPPEN IN A MONTH KLFWLJFWUWEGKELNGILUGEW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

<----- that's the invitation's look like and yeah, for obvious reason, we had to pay for the entrance fees but IT DOESN"T MATTER hahahahaha well, I tagged sis Jaba in the comment on the post and then I ask her to go with me for the party and she SAY YES AND I FEEL SO HAPPY BUT THEN, I just don't have the guts to message Hakken to reserve our seat but then, thank God that time, sis Jaba was volunteering to inbox him and then she like inbox him and after few days he replied and like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SHE TOLD ME WHILE I WAS IN THE OFFICE AND I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT TO LET OUT A SMALL SQUEALS AND THAT MY MADAM LOOKING AT ME LIKE 'WTF' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay, and then, we reserved our seat, pay for the entrance fees and now we just wait for him to send the invitation to sis Jaba's email aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ALSO, kan I did inbox him, even before he mention about the party because I was DYING to know if he's really are a mirian and then, on the same day he reply to sis Jaba he reply to me. and I'm like HOLYSHIT HE REPLIED OMG HOW THIS I DONT KNOW AAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and our conversation become like this. Well, he didn't really reply me much but at least he did reply so it's matter hAHAHAHAHHAHA proceed down below to read. YERRRRR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

LOOK AT THAT WITTLE LOVE HE PUT RIGHT AFTER 'THANK YOU'~~~(۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ Senpai notice me! HAHAHAHAHAHA I just gosh, I'm so happy. I need to bath though. Gotta go work. Well, I'll be back soon and this conversation isn't over


To Be Continue...