Daniel James Howell grins will be the death of me xD

Ay~ I'm back. hahahaha did you realized that I've been active in here lately? Well yeah, because of the same reason of yesterday. I'm running away from responsibility HAHAHA meh, I've done my part for I.M assignment though so I'm thinking that today I don't wanna do anything, just consider today as my reward for burning the midnight oil last night hahaha seriously, I was done with everything around 3.30a.m this morning and then I continued reading Dramione's fanfic which resulting me to sleep around 7.30 or 8 something hohohoho SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! xD
      And my Japanese class cancelled today so i feel a bit bored staying at home because it's freaking stressful since well, the usual stuff. But meh, I'm just looking forward for weekend since I can leave this house and go to where my home is, my own house, my sanctuary yer. hahaha though there I won't have any internet access but I still can played my games and even left some tabs with information i need open before I went there. So far, my mood has been increasingly positive, since the time I've started to spend more time at my home. It just make me realize that it was hella important that I need to leave the house. Bad feng shui in here hahahaha xD So, today. I think I'm gonna talk a bit about Dan Howell, AGAIN. yes. HAHAHAHA

Look at him. Just freaking look at him. He's the definition of perfection kyaaa kyaaaa hahahahaha xD Like ughhh, his existence should be illegal ya know HAHAHAHA if he's my boyfriend, I would definitely cherish him forever and just idk, lock him in the dungeon so that I can have him all by myself HAHAHAHA nah, that's too extreme. Well, I guess I'd definitely being overly cuddly with him, I mean, look at him. Gosh, how in the world would you say no to cuddling with someone like him. Gah~ and the sweater, it's so blue it's killing me softly HAHAHAHA it's not related but whatever hahaha  I honestly find that sweater is rather nice. I would wear it if Malaysia wasn't this hot.
       This bring me to this previous thought of mine where I kinda think like If I'm Dan Howell's girlfriend I would.... maybe I should do it now hohohohohoho Okay! Let's start!
1. Ask him 3 times a day if he really love me. HAHAHAHA Like honestly. Not that I don't believe him but it just that, it's definitely feel surreal to be the girlfriend of someone like him. Like, "Are you serious about me being ur gurl?" hahahahahaha I mean, there's zillions of other girls who are obviously, more stand out, hotter, talented from you and he choose you among those girls, like, "Are you not shitting me now?" HAHAHAHA Maybe I won't ask him 3 times a day, maybe only twice a day, morning and before bed. HAHAHAHA like in the morning, "Morning, do you still love me today?" HAHAHAHA and then at night, "You sure you're not regretting your option of making me ur girl, now?" hahahahahaha I apologize for my insecurity HAHAHAHA

2.  Second, I'm very much have this weirdness with cuddling. I'm not the type to cuddle but if it like someone I like so much, I'd definitely become the cuddliest of cuddler that ever exist hahahahaha SO, if I'm Dan's girlfriend, I might be very cuddly and playing with his hair a lot, like seriously. Look at his hair, oh my god! I just wanna mess with his hair and maybe even braid it hahahaha and put all the colorful and ribbon-ish, candy-ish hair clip kyaaaaaaa hahahhaha

3. He wouldn't have to worry about me cheating on him or maybe leaving him for someone else. hahahahahahaha like DUDE, I don't even go out from my room, especially when I got new anime to watch or drama or just bought new games to play. I'm all yours danny HAHAHAHA Just buy me those things and I'm never gonna leave you, like ever. Comparing us both, I think there are higher chances that he's the one who's gonna leave me, HAHAHAHA xD I gotta say, my loyalty game is strong. Too freaking strong that sometimes I gotten myself hurt for it hahahaha xD

4. If I'm seriously his girlfriend, I'd bake or cook him whatever he wants. I love cooking and baking. Like seriously. No kidding hahahaha but I only cook for those I care the most. So, if he happens to be my boyfriend, he'll be lucky. hahahaha I don't cook for anyone. AND also, I love learning new recipe so that's actually make me a good girlfriend and wifeu material *wink*wink* HAHAHAHAHA killmepls

5. Lastly, if I'm his girlfriend, I won't stop him from doing whatever he wants. He can go and have a sleepover with his friends as long as he wants, as long as he text or call me and tell me beforehand. hahahaha and I wouldn't even mind if he cursed a lot, like hella. Have u not heard his voice when cursing? Like it was the sexiest, at the same time the cutest voice I ever heard in my whole life. hahahahaha

SO, these are the five things I would do to him if he choose me as his girlfriend. IT JUST TOO BAD THAT WE LIVES IN DIFFERENT PLANET OH MY GOSH. hahahaha xD but oh well. If it's God's will, i'll meet him one day hahahaha just hope that he will never find out about this blog HAHAHAHA

IMAGINE his reaction is like in the gif when he stumble upon this post like kajdkasjfksdjhfksdjghsd HAHAHAHAHA I'll be damn HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've just imagined something impossible Ughuhguhg my life is sad HAHAHAHAHA

*SIGHS dreamily* Ah, by the way. I've been thinking lately *when did i not thinking? hahaha* Um that I think I finally decided that I want to make a gaming youtube channel hahahaha well, not that I want to be famous or anything, it just sound really fun to do and I mean, like if I had the gaming channel of my own, maybe I could use it as an excuse for me to finish every unfinished games that I've been playing. hahahaha I mean, I have A LOT of unfinished games and there's so many new games I hadn't play too. But I think like maybe I won't monetize any of the gameplay I'd do because I don't want to risk it hahaha so maybe if I'm lucky and have few people subcribes to me and that they ask questions about me, then I just monetize the vlog instead. hahahaha Yeah, this is just in planning though. I have a very limited financial sources for the time being that I can't afford any capture card hahahaha so, I'll just wait for a miracle to happen or I happen to win some lottery in the future hahahaha
      For now, I'll keep it to myself ^^b. I'm no professional gamer, but I do enjoy my games. hahahaha I just feel like I need to do it. HAHAHAHA I'm trying to create a purpose for my life hahaha at least I manage to do one of my long term bucket list hahahaha AMEN, AMEN TO THAT.

I think I'll write until here for now. I shall be back again soon. Wish me luck in getting Dan Howell as my future husband HAHAHAHAHA AMEN! AMEN!

p.s: the rainbows always came after the storm.

Here's Phil cutest selfie to end this post.

Love, Dan's future wifeu xD