I think I got my ear infected ( > w < )

Hello, hello!
   I'm back again hahaha yeah well, as you can see. I'm actually running from the responsibility of finishing up my assignments hohohoho ergh, I actually can finish it in maybe 2 or 3 hours top, without stopping of course but yeah, here I am HAHAHAHA

Anyway, yeah. Just like what the title says. I think i got my ear infected ughughhgug i feel like the something blocking inside it like ya know, when the airplane went landing and shit like that, that's how its feel right now hahaha but never mind, I still can hear so, I guess it'll be okay in a few days. I probably just stressed out ahahaha.

But seriously. I mean, today in I.M class, I just found out that we need to pass up our assignment next week instead of next next week im like what the actual fuck??????? But thank God, I've done my part and it's almost done BUT, that's only the beginning of my fucked up days. I mean, In the next two week, I had to pass up 2 assignments on the same day and also in the same day, I have a presentation. I'm fucked. then by next week, I gotta passed up my Chapter Five for my Thesis and the funny thing is that I haven't even done with my chapter 2 and 3 hohohohohoh i'm just digging my own grave here and Dr. Hii want us to finish everything before April I think and I'm like Gosh, I'm so fucked. HAHAHAHAHA but oh well, I think I'll managed I mean, I always does hahahaha if I put my mind into it, then nothing is impossible hahahaha

Anyway, let's talk about something happier hhahaha Okay, so. Remember that guy I'm currently crush with? The one I mentioned in previous post, Norman Jan hohohoho even typing his name out make my heart go doki-doki hahahaha xD I'm so hopelessly in love lol kill meh HAHAHA well, nothing really happen between us to be honest, we're still as awkward as ever and only interacted whenever the groups are with us. Ugh its suck being a capricorn sometimes. YEP, he's a capricorn tooo like he's only older 4 days than I am nghhhhhhh HAHAHAHAHAHA ugh, I hate my life  HAHAHAHA But yeah, the thing is. Today I realized that he look abit like Dan Howell and I'm like heyyy~ they look a bit like in certain angle and I'm like now its all make sense. HAHAHA because he just recently cut his hair and the style is almost the same with Dan's haircut only shorter and he's a bit thinner than Dan of course but yea, they both equally cute and oh lordy. I wish i could just hug him and snuggle with him for the rest of my life HAHAHAHAHA and that's my love, is how much I fell for him. HAHAHAHA But the thing is that, since my friend Ellan, she's pretty obvious liking him and they seems to be flirting with each other and Jannie seems like giving her positive comeback and I'm like SIgHS.
        I know where I stand. I mean, I don't mean to compare myself with ellan because I honestly dare to say that I actually look better than her. HAHAHA seriously.(though I just realized that in my prev post i said she was prettier lewl) But yeah, the only thing i'm losing is the confidence to flirt with the guy I like. I would never EVER can flirt with anyone even if my life depends on it hahahahaha SO, I guess this is going to be another unrequited love of mine. I don't know how many times I've been in this situation but meh, I'm used to it actually hahahaha  though I gotta say, it's hurt me deep down when I saw them interact with each other, I shall say I'm a bit jealous and whenever they did the small interaction and shit like that, i always excuse myself or just start talking nonsense about anything with Hui2 or Kenny hahahah oh gosh. And well,
     If anything, I don't think he would like too. Like, I'm pretty much a mess. I go to school with shirts and slack, even my hair is messier than usual because of the fucked up saloon and gosh, I don't even behave like a women fgs. Seriously. I'm too childish for my own ages. NOT that I'm complaining but yeah. If I'm him, I wouldn't want to date me too
I'm kidding. I definitely date ME. hahahaha Oh well, I think I'll just try to forget him though I'm planning like if let's say that on our upcoming trip and they decided to play truth or dare (like theyve planned too) and if they happen to ask me who's im currently crushing with, I'd tell them with a grinning cheshire face, "I'm crushing hard on Norman Jan." ahahahahah IMAGINE THEIR FACES i'd like to see their reaction hohohohoho but of course, I'd tell them that I didn't say anything because I valued friendship more than anything. I mean, I've been friends with the two amoi since diploma time and well, it's obviously longer than I know Norman. So..... yeah.
     Y'know. I secretly enjoy calling him Norman instead of Jan. HAHAHAHA I don't tell anyone about it but if I get the chance, I always call him Norman like if I said something ridiculous or just nonsense and he give me that 'areyoushittingme?' look, I'll be like, "Oh, just shut up Norman." Nonchalantly HAHAHAHAHAHA ugh. I hate myself
I definitely have no luck in love hahahahaha but oh well, I'll just focus on how to love myself better for now because I surely need to learn how to embrace my flaws and be flawless. This just reminds me of this one movie called, "Teen SPirit" where the girl quoted like, "No one is confident. Confident is something you projected from within," and i'm like yea, that's really true. I'm just gonna be confident and be comfortable in my own skin. I mean, I'm obviously FLAWLESS lol HHAHAHAHA

Okay then. I shall bid you good bye for now because I need to start doing my shit so. Yeah, Bye :)

P.S: There's always rainbow after the storm lel

It's been a while I didn't fangirling over HyukMin though hahahahaha

Love, Me :)