Another Unrequited Love Story :)

Hello, hello~ hahaha! I'm back again. YEah, well I have to catch up with deadlines to be honest but I ended up here because I got so much to tell hahahaha you wouldn't believe it but well, it's gonna be more on my current crush of course oohohohohoh XD no one know how much I'm crazy over that boy hahaha too much its frustrating when the rest of your friends wishing him to end up with your other friend. SIGHS I'm definitely sad right now but meh, I'll just keep quiet about it until I'm asked. hahaha Ahem, Anyway. So far, I've only told Lalan about my obsession about Norman Jan hahahahaha and hella, ksajfksajfksag HAHAHAHA I can't even content my bubbling feelings right now like ugh, I hate my life hahahahaha But I do hope he could sense my feelings for him since well, I'm sure capricorn are very sensitive with that kind of thing or maybe he got his gut feelings told him about my mix signals for him HAHAHAHAHA I'm HOpeless I know HAHAHAHAHA I'm crying HAHAHAHA I don't even know why I'm laughing but hella, this is just embarrassing. hajahahahaha Anyway, something happen today hehehehehehe well, nothing big actually but nghhhhhh my heart can't take this HAHAHAHAHA

Actually, today he has this presentation for public speaking (And yes, lalan is in his class too while I'm in Macro SIGHS) AND GUESS WHAT? ngeeeeeeeeeeee HE FUCKING PRESENT ABOUT DORAEMON LIKE WHAAAAAAAT?! aND YOU KNOW EVEN CRAZIER, HE ACTUALLY ASKED ME ABOUT DORAEMON LAST WEDNESDAY LIKE KSFNLSJKFJDHGKJSHRDKWJHDIUHEFIW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well, last wednesday. while the rest of our gang were busy talking to one another, I was busy vandalising the school property (the chair) ahahaha and he ask me like, "Draw a Doraemon," and I'm like sending a skeptical glance at him but I drew it anyway and I said like, "I can even draw doraemon with my eyes close." and he chuckles a bit and then he like, "I think I'll be presenting about Doraemon for my public speaking" AND as I'm a huge fans of that cutie bluish doraemon Oh god my eyes flew and went so big and be like, "OH MY GOD YES PLEASE! DO IT!"
 and he laughs again at my reaction ( Oh by the way, he ever mention in our group chat that he always 'love' my reaction which reallly make my heart goes dokidoki HAHAHAHA) and then he said like, "Can u tell me about doraemon then?" and I'm like *INHALED* "WELL< first thing is that doraemon teach u about science and then some of it is about life itself AND then...." I didn't have any idea because it was too impromptu and I just go with, "And how can u not love him and how cute and bluish he is and it just NGHHHHH!" hahahaha and he just shook his head Idk if he was laughing or what because i think shock hui ask me what is happening to me and I'm like nothing. hahahahaha

but I don't wanna dwell in it too much though. I mean, he could be one of the people who like doraemon just as much as i do. I mean, who doesn't love doraemon anyway? HAHAHAHA

AND AND AND another thing is that kan we got this RP class, I mean thesis and well, their class just starting a while ago and then got this one time, where we met them at Kenny's Maku store and he was doing his chapter one. and i saw him and I ask him, what is his topic and he said about gaming and i arched my brows and said like, "I did wanting to do that before but i change it to coffee shop instead. Why u choose the topic tho?" AND GUESS WHAT HE SAID,  HE FREAKING SAId, "BECAUSE You'RE A GAMEr I CAN Ask U
I THINK I BLUSHED THAT TIME. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE THE TENDENCY TO BLUSH LIKE A LOT and then he even ask me to give him some ideas in gamer perspective. AGAIN IT WAS IMPROMPTU and all I can tell him is like, WEll gaming is good because it like make ur reflect much faster but though the good thing is there, still the bad thing about gaming is wayy alot. hahahahahahahaha I'm HOPELESS

I don't think he even noticed how much of everything he said affect me so much. GOsh, hahahahaha my heart felt clenched whenever I think like both kenny and hui2 like rooting him and ellan. hahahaha and well, with a few nods from me too. hahahaha I mean, like I keep on saying, I know where I stand and I'm pretty sure he won't like me the way I want him too THOUGH of course, I do wish he would feel the same way as I am. hahahaha but for now, i'm just too fucked up to be in a relationship so I think nah. hahahaha I'll try harder to not falling for him even harder than I have now. Gosh, I just nghhhh.. My love life is really sad hahahahaha

Oh right, before I forgot. hahahaha I realized that his hair is not actually black, it's a bit brownish and it's really look good on him and suit his a little tanned-skin of some sort like hell, his look will be the death of me but his awkwardness will be the one that kills me. hahahahaha and ahh, another thing too. Since today he was presenting, he was wearing something more uhh formal, white long sleeves, with black tshirt underneath and matching slacks. He looks so cool, like a megane protagonist from a shoujo manga hahahaha tall, handsome, megane character. hahahaha I'm sad HAHAHAHA because I think he doesn't like me that way hahahahahahahahaha

its hurt just hurt because i know kenny and hui2 will do everything they can to make him end up with ellan and I can't do anything. I mean, I can but it would be meaning that I'm betraying my friends right? So.... hahahahaha I'm so sad HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

BUT, honestly I'm glad of his existence though. Like the first thing I said to him on our first met, after I know he was only 4 days older than I am, "THank you for existing." hahahaha I literally said that though. ANd now, I do mean it. THank you for existing and give me the opportunity to know what love is, and that I still can feel it even when on my darkest hour hahaha. Thank you for simply waken up the girly feeling, and make waking up the butterflies in my tummy once more, at the most unexpected time. And just thank you. Thank you, Norman Jan for just simply existing in my life. hahahaha

Ahh, I almost cry. I probably cry after this so I guess that's all for now. hahahaha

Maybe after I cried everything out, I can maybe lessen the love I feel for him hahahaha though I must be honest that I do hope he feel the same way towards me ^^

Well, if it's God's will, it will meant to be :)

P.S There's always rainbow after the storms, Lel

BYE~ (>.O)

Love, Me.