Third Day Away From Family T^T

Another member of UKISS that's make my heart melt. hahaha. i think i'm going to adore all of them hahahaha. haiya! i don't know why i like them so muchy. T^T. Today i tweet kevin but he didn't answer. i told him to bring UKISS to Miri. I'm kinda disappointed a bit but who am i if compare to them, right? hahaha. like i told you on my previous post, i'm there but invisible. nobody would notice me. well, except if i'm gone mad and go naked in public. hahahaha. i'm still have my insanity okay?! hahahahaha. oh well, starting from today, i'm going to ignore whatever kevin or alexander post on twitter. well, maybe i'm just liking their post. hehehe. aigoo~ i can feel my heart is broken into pieces right now. hahahaha. pity me. Well, for sure that's the weakness of being ordinary. hmm. enough about sadness. hahaha. oh ya, today i mostly listen to UKISS and SUPERJUNIOR song. for SUJU, i kinda like to hear Sapphire Blue and Shake it Off. don't have reason why i like it. naturally love it.  i've been living the same boring day for today. Oh ya, my uncle come home today. but he don't sleep at his house*which is where im at now* he's going to sleep at my aunt house to took care of my sick grandpa. talking about grandpa. i wonder when will he can walk again? hmmm. its been a few month i didn't see him stand up and walking like old days. miss the way he walk. Since he was fell sick, i seldomly see him smiling. i really miss his smile and laugh. wish he could laugh again like before. but i know, that he's in pain now. gwenchanayo~ i believe one day i could have his smile back~ <3

I found that Park Bom is having her diet. but i think she more cute with a chubby cheek and because of diet, she lost her chubby cheek T^T. but still she's look cute though ^^. ahhh~ i'm starting to feel so bored right now. Cousin Phoebe has gone to bed. early right? aigoo~ i'm alone now! kinda scary but i tell you, its scarier if the house is near the forest. hahahaa. thanks god that the house wasn't there. ekeke. hwaa! suddenly i miss Kanowit, my lovely village. its always 6 years i haven't going back to my village. well, as my grandpa condition is not giving me a chance to do so, so i just deal with it. hahaha. i'll go there again whenever my grandpa is recover later on. ^^. today i check my facebook but i don't know what to do with it. maybe i won't check it tomorrow. started to feel bored with Facebook. i'm worried. what if i feel bored to surf the internet later, what can i do to reduce my boredome???!!! AiGoooooo~~~ somebody, please give me new exciting social site! and make sure there got games to play too~ 

        E.ViA. new kpop singer that i adore. ehehe. i kinda love her song and her fast rapping skills. he voice is kinda cute too. i thought she was younger than me because her voice and her face make me think that way ^^. well, she's older for sure. i like SHAKE and HEY!. very cute. hahaha
 well, thats the ending for my post tonight. hope can write tomorrow. i want to sleep early today. tomorrow hopefully i have the feeling of doing my homework. hahaha. wish me luck ya?!

Sarange Chinguya! arigatou for reading! <3