Back Again to Dorm T^T

   annyeonghaseyo~ today i decided to use my own photo to start my writing. teehee~ i know i'm not that pretty, sorry for that. hehehe. i born with the unpretty face but i'm glad though! ekekeke =D. Actually i want to write yesterday but i'm at my other cousin house, Ina's house and she's using my laptop to check her games. hehehe.neah, i'm not sleep there. i'm sleeping at my own house. kan my house and their's near. hahaha. *broken english there. i know* 
    Well, yesterday. i saw everything in my family become more normal than always. no more fighting among each other and they talk to each other in a very good way. i mean like a real family. ehehehe. but still i think now is not yet the right time for me to go home. ^^. I know my mum a little upset just now when i told her that i'm going back with phoebe. but deal is a deal right? ehehehe. 

  Today Cousin Gloria come to my house. ehehe. Want to see Grandpa. Long time didn't do it. ehehe. We laugh a lot today. ekekeke. and i took some photo with her with my comcams~ but most of the photo is candid. ekeke. i loikee~ ekeke <3.. what else ha?. hhmmmmm.. ah ya! today also my son is home ehehe. shawny! wahh. he's become cuter from day to day. i wish i'm like him too~ ekekeke. XD ahh~ missing school but i haven't start doing any of my homework yet. worry inside here. ehehe. i always mention myself, i have to do my homework no matter what bu still i'm soo lazy to do so. HAIYA! i'm science student maa~! i shouldn't behave this way. aigoo~ thats why i said. i'm not suit in Science Class. hahahahaha. Oh well, i'll try my best to do it tonight. and i don't want to sleep la tonight. don't feel like it. after this, i want to make coffee for myself. i have to finish up half of my homework TONIGHT! hahahaha XD

             Cute Teukkie will ends my blog for today. ehehe. today got not much idea ba. hahaha. mianeyo! keyh keyh. sayonara! hope to write again soon ^___^

Cute Lee Teuk. makes my hearts melt! kyahh~ ekekeke XD <3