A Very Long Boring Day


He's too cute to be true, don't you think? ngahahaha =D. well, that my KevinWoo *i wish he;s really mine* hahaha. yeah, thats true, i always wish for that but unfortunately, i'm nothing if compare to the other girl who have a everything and looking perfect. hahahaha.. oh well, whateverla, as long as i keep faith in him, Alexander and UKISS. 

I think, thats enoughlah about UKISS. hahaha. well, today is my second day having a sleepover at cousin's phoebe house. The same ordinary day, nothing extra-ordinary happen today. haha. well, my friend did come today. actually we want to practice for the singing competition that will be held on this 25th of June. but unfortunately, we just hang out from morning till evening without doing anything. ngahahaha~ well, not in mood actually because there just 7 of us. everyone else still enjoying their holiday. ehehe. well, me too but not really enjoying it. right now, me and cousin phoebe online. she's editing some pictures and i'm here. spending time writing my lovely blog. ekeke XDD. oh ya! just now, while i'm searching for SHu-i's photo, i figure that SHU-i is going to have second album ^__^ can't wait to hear their song. ehehee and Inseok is really cute in brunette compare to when he was blonde. hehehe. well, blonde or brunette, he's still the cutest. i think Inseok and Kevin are the cutest KPOP boys that i ever see. ekekeke =D.
   Hmmm... what else ha? yah! today my mum call me, i thought she call to ask whether me and phoebe have eat or not but actually she call just to ask whether the dog have eat or not. hahaha, i laugh really hard that time. ekeke. never thought that i've been completely abandoned by my mum here. ekekekeke XD. haiya, hahaha. Its 1 : 03 a.m already but i'm still fresh. i wonder why. maybe its because i'm already used to sleep late or my insomnia is back again. Wohoo~ Welcome back Insomnia! hahaha i give it a very warm welcome ^_^ *i don't know what am i typing here*

     Once again, i can't take my eyes off Inseok Hwang. KYAHH! he just to cute and my eyes are seem to like him very muchy! aigoo~ hahahahaha =D. honestly, i kinda jealous with him because no matter how he pose to the camera, he always maintain his cuteness. aigoo! really wish can meet him so that i can ask him what is his secret recipe? ngahahaha. haiya, i really envy of the girl who will own him later on because he just to cute. haiyo~ too bad i'm not cute and pretty if not, i think i do have change to have him. LOLSS! well, as an ordinary girl, all i can do is IMAGINE that he is belong to me and HOPING that its can COME TRUE oneday. ekeke. well thats the least i can do, right? hahaha. oh well, i'm just nobody to them anyway and even if i have chance to meet them face to face, they wouldn't notice me there because i'm not type of person who always being notice by anyone. i'm there but only invisible. hahaha. if you get what i mean. ekeke. 
        Right now, i'm listening to HIP SONG by BI RAIN. ahh~ rain rain come here, wet this city with your songs~ hahaha. Rain is getting popular from day to day. i really respect him for that because he never give up and always do his very best on everything. SALUTE TO RAIN! and his body Fuhyooo~~ hahaha, very-very nice and sexayy <3 hehehe.  the time now is 1 : 23 a.m. just 20 minutes past. hmmm... today, the time move kinda slow a bit. I keep staring at the clock and i don't know why. am i waiting for something? neahh~ absolutely not. ngehehehe. OHYA~ before i forget, now i'm kinda addicted to Spell-Jam. its a games, a spelling games. but its fun you know. very challenging. but i only can play the 60 minutes trial. ahahaha, i have to download and start all over again every 60 minutes. T^T but still, its FUN~ <3 love it. Facebook games? for me, facebook is getting boring. so do twitter, formspring and tumblr. the only social network that i think interesting is BLOGGER. hehehe. glad to have you, blogger~ ^__^ 

So, cute girly looking DongHae from Super Junior will end my blog for now. I'll write again soon. hopefully tonight *as its 1 :30 a.m here*. so, good morning, MIRI~ <3