Everythings Goes Wrong. What have I done?

AnnyeongHaseyo! let me start with my favourite idol~ ALEXANDER Lee <3 hahaha. well, he's not my first for sure. LMFAO! just kidding. he don't even know me. hahaha. haiya! well, right now i'm at Cousin Phoebe house. i'm going to stay at her house for the whole week. Its because i think its the best for me and my family to be far away from each other a while. Maybe when i'm back home later, we can chat and laugh again like before ^__^. how i wish that will happen. i don't want my holiday ruins. T^T. Sometimes i think that i'm the one who makes me and family being like this even it OBVIOUSLY is all my big brother's fault! haiya~ i can feel the pressure tonight. but fortunately, i don't have to see my brother's face for the whole week. His face make me sick. I know.. i know.. its wrong. but its true! i hate him now. well, not fully hate him~ still have the love inside here. i think i'm going to forgive him but of course not for the time being. ehehe. because he already make me almost running out of tears. hahaha -nonsense-

   How i wish i have a very good relationship with my brother. i'm envy iof Sandara Park and her brother, SangHyun T^T. they seem to get along very well. i really wish that i'm having a good brother so that he can take care of me and my parent. haiya~ at least he can took care of himself. If fairy was exist and giving me one wish, i'll wish that my brother would stop making my parent depressed and lives his own life by find something more benefits than making something that only wasting time and money.i always wonder, what is he thinking? don't he ever think of his future? what will he do for a living if one day mum and dad go forever later on? how can he survive this life?

  Besides family problems, i also wonder if i ever have a friend. you know what i mean? i do have friends but i'm not sure whether they also think that i'm a friend too. especially the one that i call as my "BFF".. i wonder and keep wonder, do they ever think that i'm on their BFF list or not? or i was never been on that list? haiya~! i hate being teenager sometimes. not sometimes, started from May, i really hate being teenagers. You know why?! because everything seem wrong! nothing that i've done is right~ T^T. i really wish i could cry right now, but my tears won't come out even a drop. haiya!!!! haiya!!! i really wish i have friends like 2Ne1, which always take care of each other and trusting. always there for each other when needed...

You know what? Ukiss is going to come to KL on 19th June for Malaysia's Fanmeeting. I wish i could come but i go. So envy with KL people. T^T. but i wonder, why every celebrity from outside Malaysia only come to KL and not Sarawak? isn't that Sarawak is part of Malaysia? besides, sarawak have bigger land to travel right? hahaha. well, that's my personal opinion. no hurt feeling to KL people~ ngahahaha. Oh ya! i'm on my way of making a story about Chocolates. its a love story for sure. hopefully can finish it before holiday ends. =DD. ahh, i think, this all for now. i'll write again soon-- 

Photo below ends my blog for now. Adios everyone~ Sayonara, bye bye. CHU~~ <3