Good Morning Sunday!

Good Morning, Sunday! Haha :) today is sunday, 12:46. Well, my eyes still open wide as my insomnia is back. Yeah, no wonder because today is holiday. Well, not actually because i still have a tons of homework waiting for me to do. haha ^^. Ah! talking about homework, later i must take picture of myself doing kerja amal for my Morale subject.Haiz. i hate it but still i have to do it. T__T.
Last time, many things happen. My grandpa is very ill and once I cry in class because i can't hold my tears as i'm afraid that i'm going to lose him. Well, thanks to God, my grandpa is getting well day to day. Hmmm... Last two weeks, I'm have a progressive exam and the results is SUCKS! urghh! i fail 4 subject. i hope i won't get the last number in class or my mum will kill me.  Can't wait for my report card. Still, i hope i lost my report cards. haha (^__^)

        This is my homework reminder. hahaha. I made this on first semester holiday. Well, that's is the moment where my homework began to become many. Haiz! Well, i'm regret for not doing my homework last time. T___T. i'm so envy of Kong Ek cheng because she already finish all her homework. I always asked how she spent her time. She said that she didn't do anything else except for homework, homework and homework. I wish i was like her. I wish i'm hadworking like her. HUHU T__T

       I think this is all for now. No idea of what to tells. haha ^^. I forget the main topic already. haha. Okay then, maybe i'll write again not later, not tomorrow maybe next time whenever i feel like it. haha ^^. Keyh...keyh..

                   Good Morning, Malaysia! haha ^^