Homework is True Killer

Hi again! Hah! long time no see. i want to write last night but i don't know what to write. Today also i don't know what. Haha! Well, there's nothing special going on today. Just like the other ordinary day and my homework is getting more and more. I'm going to be very hypertension after this. Haiz! my teachers never stop giving me homework. Well, I don't blame them for that because its all my own fault anyway. I'm too lazy to do my homework. haha! I don't hate my homework it just that i don't know how to do it especially addmath, chemistry and physic. In class, YES! i do listen to what the teachers teaching. but after i arrived home, i will forget every single things that i've learn on that day. Hmmm.. i wonder..haiz! i'm having headache right now because of too much wondering..

     Talking about homework. I always wonder, why my friend can finish up their homework while i need a very long time to finish my homework even the homework is very easy to do? hmmmmm...my friend kan, they always finish their homework. Well some of them did only half of it. but still its okay. at least they do right? but me, i don't do anything. At home, i pretend to not having any homework at all. HAiz! sometimes, i really hate myself. And yeah, i blame facebook because it make me addicted to it and make me sleep late everyday. second things that  i hate about facebook is, they have a lot of interesting games and all the games is like a drugs to me. once i played, i never ever stop play it again.. Sound very dangerous eh? hmmm..scary..
          And once again, back to main topic, homework.. homework. I know homework is good as it can help us improve our weaknesses in a subject e.g, addmath. yeah. addmath is the best example. On my first time in learning addmath, i think addmath is very easy to learn but now, urghh! its killer subject. I don't think i can pass my addmath in SPM next years. T____T. I never do any addmath work. In class, i sleep. At home, I Online. When i realize that online is only wasting my time, i feel that i've been fool by the internet and so Facebook. I'm so stupid. Why don't i use the time where i spend to online with doing a revision and do my homework? very very stupid! 


I think this is all for now. Maybe if i have mood to write again next time, i'll write la. haha ^^ so, wish me luck! hopefully i can finish all my homework in time and never waste time in Facebook again! Last but not least, HOMEWORK IS A TRUE KILLER

 Thank YOU.