The Day I Took Care of My Son.

FEUH! Shawn really testing my patience today. He cry, cry and cry. Haiz! If he wasn't my brother's son, i'll kick him you know. Urgh! I give him his toys, i played with him and i even give him milk. I wish i could understand baby language.
     I call his Grandma(which is my mum) few times but she always said "we're own our way home but totally doesn't make sense because you see, i call her around 3 o'clock but they get home at 6! Truely i said. I have no experience in babysitting and i admit that i'm easily get angry and when that happen, i don't care whether they are kids or adults.
     You won't believe if you see such a very innocent looks like him in the picture can cause such a big pain. He been annoyed me all day. My best day is ruined by him. Little Monster. Me and cousin Phoebe almost lost our insanity because of him. we tried to ignore him and  let him cry there alone but we just can't.
     Sometimes he laugh, sometimes he cry. I think i will never understand what baby thinking and what they actually need. I wonder, am i just like that too when i was a child like him? I hope not. (^o^)

    If i was as annoying as him, i think i owed my mum a big apology for being annoying. Hmm.. I do angry at him before but now i realize that he isn't the one who should be blame but me because as his mother, i  should try to understand what he wants. Its my job to keep my son happy and not to let him there and cry. I just saw what my mum did to make Shawny happy again and that make me thinking. I think, today i have learn a very good lesson which had taught me how to be a good mother in the future.