Life Complication

Today is another bad day. Haiz! I don't know when i can have my best day. Things always gone wrong and i'm really sick of it. Today, Miss A wanted to follow Mr.B back to his hometown as her parent doesn't agree with their relationship. But then, I saw Miss A dad and my uncle were talking with Mr.B outside but I didn't hear what are they saying. So, i decided to go to Miss A rooms and when I entered her room, she was packing her stuff. I couldn't hold my tears anymore so i hugged her tight and at that time i really don't know what to do and just hoping that she won't go. I really wanted to scream but it seem like my voice stuck. I just cry, cry and cry. More sad when her mother enter her room and she begged for Miss A to stay. After a while we said nothing, Miss A called Mr.B and asked him where is he. Suprisingly, Mr.B leave without her. Well, not really suprising actually because i can predict that Miss A father told him to go. After that, me and cousin Phoebe just stay there and accompany her there in her room. I leave her and cousin Phoebe there and run back to my house as I have nothing to say to make her feel better and i feel bad because as her sister, i should do or say something to make her feel better but unfortunately i don't. So i think a good nap can make me feel better la.
      A good nap doesn't seem can make me recover. So i really thanks to cousin Gloria for coming to our house today as she make my day more better. She just too fun to be around and i had a laugh. Thats all because of her. I didn't told her what had happen because i think i just want to keep it as a secret. Oh well, enough of the sad story.

      Today, me and cousin Gloria play delta force : black hawk down and you know what, we finish the game! Ahaha~ i am so happy and excited when we manage to finish the game. For all this time we played this game, we never reach the final.Ahakz! I feel like jumping when i found that we manage to finish the game in a very short time. Ahakz! Well, cousin Phoebe also there but she didn't played with us la she played spongebob squarepants. (PSP)
    Well, yeah~ we been killed a couple time but we still feel proud of ourselves you know because black hawk down is our favourite games for all time!
     I think that all for now. Hoping that tomorrow is my best day. I really want to feel the good in my life because i'm overly tired of worst day. Well, thats why i said, Life is Complicated. Sometimes we love it, Sometimes we hate it. What ever it is, I will never give up in life! Gambatte, Pgie! (^o^)