Annyeong, ehehe. again i skip one day to write. aigoo~ why i always write early in the morning ha? hmm.. well, the answer is pretty easy. ahahaha. just refer to the title of the post. hahaha. yepp! i'm insomniac. T^T hate it actually. i'm scared that when school started later, i can't sleep well and maybe i will sleep in the class. oh well, i'll train my eyes to sleep early before school start. ahh, talking about school, next week school session start, semester 2 ody. My homework hasn't completed yet and i don't even bother. hahahaha. haiya. i'm pretty worry right now because i didn't even touch my homework.

  Today, i'm having a conversation with Cousin Gloria through MSN. yepp! we did see each other that evening but its seem like our story never ends. ekeke. yeah, true we talk nonsense. ekeke. well, its fun eventhough its nonsense. ekeke. we talk about a lot of things. ehehe and something that connected to her admiring things. ehehe. don't want to share with anyone. ekeke. just want to keep it myself. ekeke. well, if you really wanna know, asked her then. hahaha XD. ah ya, right now i'm designing a shirt. shirt for me, cousin phoebe and cousin gloria. ehehehe. well, i haven't ask them yet. i just want to design it for fun! hahaha XD. and just now, i delete every design that i've design. ekeke. well, because i think its better if i asked them first right? hahaha. i know, i'm always right. ekeke. 
That's my LeeTeuk. hahaha. in that picture he said " i have to wait for 8 days to be with my dearest Pgie" hahaha. its because i have a lot of hubbys. ekeke XD fuhh~ i wish he's really mine. ekeke. oh well, like he will know me. ekeke. i think i'm going to stop liking korean celebrities for a while because i'm too deeply in love with them you know and i can even feel that my heart is broken whenever i saw any of them together, hugging and kissing other girl. aigoo~ am i crazy ody? haiya! fell in love with someone that will never ever know and love me. hahaha. i wonder if there got someone act like me. ehehe. aigoo~ aigoo~ i'm so heart broken now. hahahaha. weird eh? ekeke. i know! so, now. i want to figure out the way for me to survive from this killing situation. hahaha XD. well, i think thats all for now. need to sleep now. tomorrow wake up early as cousin gloria is going to pick me up.

so, as usual. ehehe. here's a photo of SooHyun and LeeTeuk. and i'm so envy with the woman in the middle. i wish that was me. ekeke XD. well, thats never happen. ekeke XD. ahh, okay then. good morning MIRI! 

PS: life full of drama.try not to be in the drama or you are going to hurt yourself later.