Happy Monday!

        Good Morning, Miri! hahaha. I skip one more day to write. Mianheyo~ well, as you can see now, i'm kinda back into MBLAQ. ekeke. yeah. i blame my cousin Gloria because she made me like them again.well, actually i mean it for the opposite. ekeke =D. ahh~ What a day. well, until now, nothing wrong going on. Thanks to God for His kindness.

Haha, well in that photo, i really look like Red Riding Hood. I meant to pose like that but i just realize that i have the same sweater like Red Riding Hood. Only mine is white. ekeke. Oh ya, well, last time me and cousin Gloria sleep at 4.38a.m. ekekeke. we just don't have feeling to sleep early that time. She was to busy to look for her Bias, Bi-Rain. her first Korean Love. ekeke. Well, We also have a lots of laugh together. Cousin phoebe? she have Cousin Pearl to friend her. ehehe. well, they really close to each other though so nothing to worry about. Me and Cousin Gloria are bestfriend until whenever. ekeke. XD. yeah, i admit. She's the only person who I think that really can understand me very well. My other cousins are my BFF too and we are kinda close. but only cousin Gloria understand me well. i think that maybe we have a lot of similarity in interest. Yeah, almost everything that i like, she likes too~ especially something that connected to Music Industries. hehehe. she influent me well. she brought me to likes ART. yeah. i am now a fans of ART. hahahaha. thanks to her.

    Emmm. What else eh? ehehehehe. well, today i want to sleep at 3a.m. ehehe. yepp :D. AH! talking about time, i haven't do any of my homework yet. haiya! the time is very short. haiya~ T^T. actually today i decided to do some of it. but i can't take my hands off my laptop. I hate it. and what i hate the most is FaceBook! aigoo~ i'm really addicted to it now. i wonder, did Facebook put some black magic on me or what? hahahaha. hopefully Not. ekeke. today also, i go visit my daughter, Carrisha. She always sleep when i go visit her. T^T. I think she pretending sleeping because don't want to see me. agagagagaga *mr.crab'slaugh* Well, i guess this is all for now. maybe i'll write again soon. hehehe XD

So, i guess this is all for now. Here the photo of my Bias and Maknae Dongho. ehehehe. they really look cute in this photo. So do, Kibum eventhough his face isn't clear. ehehe. ahh, i also heard that SooHyun really like Dongho. whenever he didn't see Dongho around, he'll going to ask about him. hehehe. good brother ight? ekekeke. so, this cute photo will ends my Blog now. see ya if you wanna be ya! Adios and Sayonara! 


           TO, SOOHYUN-Oppa :  naega michin neo ttaemun-e gaya~ hahahaha =D