Only Can Smile.

       Hohohohohoh~AHahahahahahaha~ that all i can do to make myself feeling better. Well, sometimes its work. Yeah, Laugh For Nothing is just the best medicine for me when i feel so broken. Yeah, my best day is gone and there come the worst. I just can't believe it. Why can't I lives my best day for a long period of time? I just having my good time for a couple of days and then POOFF~ everything is disappear just like that! WTF?! Haiz~ I'm so fed up will all this actually but what else i can do? Wait until I can find the solution? If that so, i won't having my best day till i die. You know what, today i feel so sad and honestly, i cry badly. Well, not as bad as before as my mother and father were there because I don't want to show my tears to them all.Yeah, today, i found that my cousin, Isaac Melcore is going to stay at Sabah forever. I do hate him but i feel so empty when i found this bad news. I can't accept it. When my mum told me this, I said nothing because all i can do is keep silence. Isaac... He is really testing my patience and my temper. But still, I love him inside. Sometimes he's cute and sometimes he's crazy. And when he was still a little, he call me Ngengngeng and i like the name. Almost all my cousins call me Ngeng. I thank to him for giving me such a lovely name.

    I wish I can have one more chance to say I'm Sorry to him for being a very bad sister. For all this time, I bully him and sometimes, i hurt him. I never thought about his feeling. When he asked, I never answer him with a good tune. I scold him eventhough i know that wasn't his fault. I feel so guilty. I really hope that I can celebrate New Year with him and i'll use that very moment to say i'm sorry and I'll take as many picture as i can. I also will hug him tightly. I'll give him love and care.

This is all i want for my New Year Wish.

...Bring Back Isaac To Us...