Last 3 Night, Mir(MBLAQ) Kiss Me On Cheek (ROFL!)

Ahaha =D yeah. i couldn't believe it too. Actually it just a dream but i still can't forget it. Yalorh, who doesn't feeling happy if cute guy were kissing on them, right? ahaha =D Well, in my dream, I don't know why all the sudden he come out and wanted to kiss me. So, i cover my face up and he kiss me on cheek. But then, I immediately woke up.
     I'm not even sure whether that dream is a sweet dream or a nightmare. haha :D. What confuse me here is, I'm not really into Mir because i'm a fans of Cheondung A.K.A Thunder. And for sure, that dream surely playing in my mind for this 3 whole day. ahaha =D Well, i feel lucky eventhough it just a silly dream.LOL~ whole my life, i never dreamt of anything like this. ahaha =D