Emotional Part of The Year. *the first and the last, i hope*

        Ohayou! hehehe. long time no see~ i miss to write blog. i really want to but i don't know what to write T^T. Actually i want to write last night but my cousin borrowed my laptop as hers is damaged. so, i'm going to write everything that i want to write last night, today ^__^. as you see, i'm having a big problems with my brother. yeah, he did make my parent lost tempered again and i, once again become the victim of the situation. i'm so stressed out last night. i really want to cry but my tears won't come out. maybe because i'm feeling overly stressed. haiya! i wonder what is he thinking? i don't think he using his brain or maybe he don't have brain at all. sometimes, i really wish that he was never born and i rather become the only child of the family. he just acting too much! and now, my mum is sick and i completely blame my brother because he always make my mum lost tempered and mum always cry because of that. i wonder, when will he change? when can i lives my life peacefully? i just don't know what to do anymore. i really wish i can speak  up and give him a piece of my mind but im just to scared to do so. coward me! 

       But then, i'm so thankful to my cousins for making me feeling more better. Especially cousin Ina, phoebe and Juleetz. they really make me forget about those bad things and make me laugh really hard. hehehe. and to my maknae farah, buwbuw and malen, thanks for being there for me and make me happy ^__^ sarange <3 haiz! i'm feeling lucky to have them besides me. 


          Wah! i surely can't forget jiyong oppa! he's cuteness really make me going crazy. i thought, xander can replace his place but i was wrong. nobody can replace my jiyong~ T^T. oh well, he just like lee hyori right. just like xander. Xander also like lee hyori. who doesn't anyway? hahaha. seeing them both liking lee hyori, i'm now on my way to liking lee hyori too~ i'm in love with her song. Ahh~ well, now i'm feeling better as i can have my jiyong again ^_^.  from now on, i won't let him go no matter what. unless he get married. ehehe. ahh~ actually its all my fault because accusing him for something that he didn't do. hehehe *sound like real girlfriend to him* LMFAO! keyh keyh. enough about jiyong baby. eehehe

           tonight, i'm going to celebrates Gawai dayak with my family. proud to be Ibanese. hehehe. ah~ can't wait. really-really can't wait for tonight. Hopefully, tonight is the BEST GAWAI CELEBRATIONS ever! wohooo~ AMEN. ekeke. to all, ibanese around the world, SELAMAT NGINTU ARI GAWAI DAYAK, GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI! 

so, here's the picture of gawai dayak celebration for villagers and of course, its end my blog for now. Adios!'