Aloha~ I'm back! wahh~ after a very long time I didn't update blog, I feel like I have abandoned it. Sorie, bloggy! Well, not much I want to talk about this time as I have not much extraordinary things happen. hahaha =D. well, maybe when I meet with Jiyong oppa next time, then i'll use the whole page to talk about it. LOL =D.

Well, as usual. My brother making mums angry again. And making me losing my mood to study. He never stop giving mum trouble. I thought he's already mature but dissapointedly I said, he'll never change. I hope he could be more mature and stop acting like kids. People who was the same age as him, had already plan their future and even they already start to look for
their own life. My brother are so different from everyone that I ever met and know. I wish my brother could do something good at least look for a job. whenever he hurt mum feeling, i really wish that i could stand up for mum and scold him. but i just couldn't do it because i have no courages to do so and sometimes, i even wish that i never have brother before. Well, i know I should do that but he give me to much pressure even that he didn't mean to give it to me. But as long as i see my mum hurt, i feel the pressure. I don't know what to do anymore. i just hope that i could talk to someone who could help me to cope with this problems. 

hahh! enough about the sad things. Well, today i have a very good laugh with my besties. they are so funny and for me, they are the funniest person in the world. i mean the second most. hahaha. ( because my first are my family ) They really got the guts. we talk about nonsense but still we have a lot of fun together. that is why i love them <3. my besties always manage to make me smile and forget about the bad things which happen in my life. sometimes, i wish i could spent more time with them. well, I am as 4 of us join the same clubs and activities at school. hahaha <3 sarange chinguya! 

This one is the most things that i hate today is that girl who was given a name as MIMI. she really piss me off. and of course val too. haiz! that girl never learnt a lesson. dasar perampas. I really hate her. not because she takes my besties' dreamboy but she always annoyed me. she annoyed everyone i think. even some of her friends doesn't like her. Ahhhh~ hate her. 4 of us hate her. hahaha =D picture of siwon and heechul. phiakk! so cutee.

So, the picture end this blog today ^^ see you people next time ^^