I Surendder In A Game Of Love But I Find Real Friendship

   Good Evening everyone! Long time i didn't write here, heh? hahaha XD. I miss my blog too. I want to write but i feel soo lazy to do so. Well, yeah. I have new boy now. hahaha. meet GiKwang. LOL. <3.He's kinda cute right? hehehe. I KNOW! thats make me feel in love~ 
   That is just for my introduction. hahaha =D. hmmm, yhea. As you know, I like Changhyun right? ahahaha. thats what i want to talk about today. Changhyun.. Changhyun..Changhyun. hahahaha... i should write this last week as i know this matter last week. hahaha :D. Its all about Changhyun is in love with someone else LOL! Thanks God I already forget about him and stop hoping that he is mine. LMAO! i laugh at it. really-really hard as i know that someone very very well. hahahahahaha ^___^. I knew about this from my besties. Oh well, im happy to know this. hahaha so that i can completely let go of him. YAYY!! I have my Kwang now. LOL. what? you said, what about Jiyong and the others? They still mine. nothing to worry about. hahaha. but for now, im more to Kwang. hahahhahaha >___0.

    What else ha? hmm. oh ya! Fiona wanted to tell me something that can make me faint. but till now, she haven't told me anything. I'm waiting for the books as she said that she would write about it in that book. can't wait to know. hahahaha =D. thats the other things. hahaha. arrr.. homework? as usual. i had them all. and they are getting more and more. the teachers never stop giving me homework. yhea. my own fault. ahahah. laziness is conquering me. i really really want to change my habits you know. avoiding online for the whole days. and maybe for a month. but i just can't i don't know why. well, for sure, i blame Facebook for that. hahahahaha =D i hate it but still i can't avoid it. 

  Oh! happy part. and of course totally my favourite parts. hahaha ^^. I have all my besties back and that is the happiest things that ever happen in my life. well, for my friendship. 4 of us is getting along very well and i hope this will be last forever. hahahaha =D as you can see in the images below, Dence is park Bom, Valyie is Sandara Park, Fion is Chaerin and Me is Minzy!! i hope that our friendship will be as fun as 2nE1's.

I think thats all for now. i will write again soon.  ^^ Adios~