Annyeonghaseyo! long time no see! haiz~ i'm so sorry for not writing anything for almost a month since February is almost the end. I really want to but i'm so busy with my homework. The teachers give us a tons of homework! one day, we've got four and sometimes six subject and every teacher that teaching us that day, will give us one or two homework and then they will give us one night to settle all! URGH~ my head want to explode already. 
    But right now, i'm still enjoying my Chinese New Year's Holiday. i won't call this as a holiday because the teachers also give me two tons of homework. All my classmates were complaining but you know what they said? they said, " you people got one week of rest, you can used that time to finish all this homework" WEI! hello, Mr! Mrs! Mdm! Ms! i'm a hooman. i need a rest! i really want to say that, but i'm not a bad student so, i just said that in my mind. Today is Friday, so thats mean i have two and half more days to finish all my homework. I hope tomorrow i can ignore my laptop and start to do my homework. This all is for my own good actually. ehehe. and i heard that on the 1st of March, we are going to sit for the first exam of the year. i'm not really confident that i'm going to get A or B marks for the exam because my brain is frozen. hahaha ^^. okay..enough about my homework. make me crazy saja. hahaha >_<
             Ermmm.. what i want to talk about ha? ahh! keyh2. last time, i go shopping with my aunt, my cousins and my mum. We go to Boulevard. I bought a few doraemon stuff. and i bought TVXQ's 2010 calendar ^^. i'm so happy haha..my mum said that i'm just wasting money buying those things. but i just ignore her. i'm so baddd. hahaha =D yesterday, i help my brother create his own Facebook because he want to play Farmville. Today, if i wake up early, i want to do my homework! i Must do it today! if not, i'm going to die la.T____T. eh, you know what, i'm secretly loves David Achuleta and Johnny Depp. hahah~ i never tell anyone about this. Everybody think that i'm only a fans of korean boys but they were totally wrong. ekeke =D i only tell you here. haha ^^
      David Achuleta, such a cutie, right? i wonder if he had a girlfriend already. haha ^^ if he don't have one, i won't have the chance to be his. hahah ^^ dreaming lah! Okayla, i think enoughla for now. maybe tonight i'm going to write again la. if i remember. hopefully i remember la. haha. okay-okay. see ya later alligator ^^